The easiest way to handle our doubt is to devise a plan. And as we always say here at TS Coaching and Consulting, you cannot stop a woman with a vision and a plan.


September 16, 2020

3 Steps to Help You Take Action On Your Ideas

I remember when I had a really great job and a really bad manager. I would go to work each day with so much enthusiasm for my work—telling myself that I could make it work. My positive attitude would last until about 2pm and then my manager would do something horrible. It wasn’t that he […]


January 12, 2020

Is Your Environment Making You Sick?

This morning I talked to my old therapist on the phone about a jarring email I received from a distressed follower yesterday. I haven’t seen my therapist in at least six months which for me is like, exceptional growth. Not because I don’t love therapy, I’ve got three numbers for you now if you are […]


December 10, 2019

Ain’t nobody gonna stop you

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