Ain’t nobody gonna stop you

This morning I talked to my old therapist on the phone about a jarring email I received from a distressed follower yesterday. I haven’t seen my therapist in at least six months which for me is like, exceptional growth. Not because I don’t love therapy, I’ve got three numbers for you now if you are looking for exceptional support. It’s just, I have gone to a lot of therapy over the years, so it feels good to be on my own. She asked me before we hung up, “Just real quick, how are you doing?”. I said, “you know, I have had a lot of moments in the past few months where I almost reached out to talk but then I just self regulated and carried on”.

I carried on.

A thing I have been doing my entire life. I carried on past the elementary school bullies, the sexual assault and hospital visit that spring down in Ft. Lauderdale. I carried on past the death of my mom, the financial set backs, the nights waiting on him to return home only for him to never show up.

I carried on.

I don’t preach here about mindset and growth and meditation because I haven’t had to carry on. I preach because I have had to—more than a young woman should have to. But that will not be my story—the girl who had to deal with all this and is a victim of her circumstances.

I am not a victim.

And neither are you.

The world wants us to feel sorry for ourselves and sit in that unfairness of how things just didn’t go our way. And hey, I’ve been there. I’ve sat in that hospital room clenching my sisters hand waiting for the doctor to tell me that I lost the baby. I’ve fought against the urge to just give it all up—to go to the next place because the pain was overwhelming.

But that is not who I am. Those things do not define me and those experiences do not define you either.

What I learned this week is that aint nobody gonna stop me. Not after all that climbing and crawling and pulling myself up from the cold hard floor. You can try to take me down, but watch out—I am a trained fighter after all :).

And so are you. You are a warrior who has so much more in her than you even know. You always carry on and you will carry on through this, whatever it is you are up against.

You want to get help? Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. You want to start that business? Aint nobody gonna stop you. You want to have better health? Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. You want a phenomenal marriage? Ain’t nobody going to stop you. You want to leave that job you hate? Aint nobody gonna stop you.

It doesn’t mean it won’t be hard. It doesn’t mean it won’t be scary. It doesn’t mean that you won’t face obstacles or rejection. But you aren’t going to let those things stop you. Not today, not ever.

The world will try to distract you, ask you to join in on the mindset that things are happening to you. But you my friend, you know that the truth is that the things are happening for you, if you’ll let them.

So we aren’t going to give up. We aren’t going to let bullies take us down. We aren’t going to let a little adversity crush our dreams. Not today friend, not today.

If people around you are trying to tell you that you can’t, that your idea is too wild, that your love is too much, that what you put out isn’t good enough for them, that what you want for your life is ridiculous you’ve got the wrong people on your team. It’s time to build a new team.

Nobody puts baby in a corner, am I right?

Ain’t nobody gonna stop you today. Let’s go.



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