3 Steps to Help You Take Action On Your Ideas

We are creative creatures. Some of us are so creative that inside of us are a lot of ideas of what could be. We imagine a world that is different, evolved. We can also see gaps in efficiency and excellence everywhere we turn and we want to make things better.

Putting an idea into action requires an internal balance of your creative self and your head doubter in charge.

Every single one of us has internal doubt—that narrative that just doesn’t think things are possible for us—or wonders how long it is going to take us to fail. Without practice, it can be hard to navigate this narrative and still take action on our ideas.

The easiest way to handle our doubt is to devise a plan. And as we always say here at TS Coaching and Consulting, you cannot stop a woman with a vision and a plan.



Ideate Without Limits.

Usually when our creative self comes to play she is shut out by a lot of different voices telling her how impractical she is being. Open up a google doc or a notebook and set a 30 minute timer.

Ask yourself, “If I could do whatever I wanted, what would that look like?”

I want you to describe it with as much detail as you possibly can and I do not want you to stop typing or writing until the timer dings.



Create a To Do List

Now I want you to sit back and ask, “What is between me and this vision that I just created?”

Write down all of the tasks, thoughts, barriers between you and that vision becoming a reality.

(I need a certification, I need to register an LLC, I would have to quit my job, I would need a savings account with X amount of money)



Take a Baby Action

Now take a good look at your list. What are some things on that list that can already be checked off or can easily be checked off by you taking action today?

Pick one thing from the list and commit to doing it TODAY. Make sure to engage an accountability partner who can check in on your progress or help you accomplish the task.

Repeat this for seven days in a row.

If you break the idea down into baby steps where you are taking one small action a day you are teaching your brain it is safe to take action but also not overwhelming it with so much change.

Repeat this for seven days in a row. At the end of that seven days reflect on the distance between you and where you are trying to go.

Ask yourself:

What is different?

What did I learn?

What will I do in the next seven days to move toward this vision?

Do I feel differently about the vision now?


Here is the thing…right now we have so much transition and change happening around us. It can be hard to feel like there is any energy available for us to move forward on something new. However, transition is a great time to get grounded in what we truly want. By sitting down to do this exercise (you can repeat Step 1 as many times as you want) you are allowing yourself to take action from a place of grounded alignment with your higher self.

At the end of each week I want you to celebrate the action you took. Either reward yourself with a small gift or have your accountability partner celebrate with you over a meal.

While it may seem selfish to move forward on an idea or to celebrate the good in your life, we actually need more of this now than we ever have before.


To take this exercise a step further tune in for this meditation that my Impact Group is working with right now in our 6 month incubator. I challenge you to try it once a week. Play the meditation

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