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Welcome to a sanctuary for women founders who are ready to break free from stress and build a profitable mission-driven enterprise. I will help you actualize your grandest vision, generate revenue, and nourish your soul—while you run a company you love.

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Welcome to a sanctuary for women founders and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to break free from stress and build a profitable mission-driven enterprise. I will help you actualize your grandest vision, generate revenue, and nourish your soul—while you run a company you love.

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Here you will learn how to become the thought-leader in your space and deliver a high-quality service or product that centers your mission and keeps your clients coming back for more. You will be known for your incredible impact, sought out for your expertise, and have space and time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

There's something magical about a woman on a mission

Launch, Grow, or Scale Your Company Inside a Community of Liberated Women

In this business accelerator you will achieve profit and impact while prioritizing your mental well-being. Our women have scaled to six-figures, raised $5m in capital, and together we've launched 18+ new businesses. Will you be next? 

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A good fit for you if you want a sustainable and profitable business that fuels your creativity.

More REviews

"I have executed on forty-percent of my business plan, including: created a website and online business presence and secured multiple funding options. I felt like a zombie that had a decent idea for a company with no clear path forward and now I feel alive; building a purpose-driven organization with conviction."


My business fuels my creativity.
My clients are so happy.
Consistent revenue feels good. 
I love having a long cash-runway.
I'm enjoying my vacation. 
I trust my team completely.

Repeat after me


Step up to your highest calling and build your legacy

You deserve a business advisor who is equally committed to you as she is your cause.  

Lucky for you, this isn't my first rodeo.  I'm here to provide the space and support for you to get clear, define your vision, and lead with purpose. Women who walk this path with me are creating companies that enable them to live healthy lives, honor their deepest calling, and take their values-driven strategies all the way to the bank.

one-on-one coaching

Buld your custom experience

A good fit for you if you're on a quest that is demanding you to grow and evolve and you're ready to step into your true power.

“Teresa has been fundamental in helping us strategically grow our team, scale our business, and design the trajectory of our company for the next three years. As a direct result of Teresa’s guidance and coaching, we have more deeply developed our company’s culture which has made us a place where top talent wants to work. Our team is operating from a cohesive vision and gets more efficient and impactful each day."

Marciel Green


I become a strategic partner inside your business who helps you optimize communication, automate operations, and get out of the weeds so you can focus on client relations, vision, and delivering a high quality service.  

The focus of our work

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-Auditing operations and people performance to give you a detailed picture of the health of your internal operating structure 

-Create data metrics to focus your team, design an operating system, and teach you how to lead your team to operational excellence 

-Conduct communication and vision coaching with you and your executives to enhance collaboration and performance 

-Lead team building and professional development sessions to bring your team together around vision and expectations


This sets you apart, you always go the extra mile, and you are full of ideas.  In addition to helping you embody your mental superpowers (flow, self-trust, collaboration, creativity, discernment, intuition), I can guide you to harness your passion and ideas to create new revenue, build systems and streamline operations, attract ideal clients, and if you're ready, find, hire, and manage an A-team. All of this can be done without you burning out or having to compromise your values or standards of excellence.

"Thank goodness for the incredible work you do to create sanctuary and safety for women."

overheard at a retreat:

Hello there,
I'm Teresa

Oh any given day you will find me advising a founder on team building and operations, helping women get unstuck on our community coaching call, and hosting women for wellness retreats at my citrus farm.  Some clients call me their business therapist because with business ownership comes emotions and feelings, and we don't shy away from those here. While impact and profitability are important goals in our work, your mindset, mental health, and heart are my top priority. My background is in entertainment production, marketing, and sales. I spent a decade working in project management roles at companies like Nike and imbedded in teams of hundreds of people where I managed logistics, planning and scheduling on $350M projects. I've founded three businesses myself, built a brand new arm of city government--the first ever film commission for Indianapolis, and I have lobbied for and passed laws. If you can't tell, I love to build things.  I know what it is like to be in the trenches of a bootstrapped business, and I know what it is like to lead at scale a multi-million dollar enterprise with all eyes on you. You've got what it takes to make your dream a reality, and if there is anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Hello there, I'm Teresa

Teresa was awesome at walking the line of being a "critical friend." She knew when to listen and sympathize, and when to give me a loving kick in the bum. She held me accountable without stressing me out. I have a gorgeous, thoughtful website and brand that has helped me secure more clients, and higher-level clients."

"If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or simply stuck with your work, Teresa will help you find balance and motivation (dare I say excitement?!)

Ditched Burnout and Leveled UP


I struggled a lot with imposter syndrome at the beginning  of our work together and I can honestly say that I have not had any self doubt in months. I also built an incredible website and started working towards having better systems in place for a better client experience. I’m so convinced that I can be successful, even my mom has turned a corner!"

"The support I received from Teresa was transformative. I grew my business by 50%!


got out of her own way

Teresa’s compassionate yet direct guidance enabled me to give myself permission to stop trying to fit into the box that others have presented to me—and build my own sandbox. During our time together, Teresa helped me navigate a successful career pivot, build the foundations of my business, and facilitate a multi-million dollar deal."

"Working with Teresa is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life and career. 


gained momentum and clarity 

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