We work at the intersection of gender equality, mental wellness, and strategy. 

We have helped over 100 women recover from burnout, build thriving careers and businesses, and increase their economic power.  

We help women reduce their stress, break through cultural barriers, reach peak performance, and make an impact doing work they love.

our mission

Our clients are entrepreneurs, HR leaders, creative executives, politicians, activists, broadway performers, artists, and competitive athletes. 

There is no limit to what women can do with the proper support and resources. 

Burnout Recovery Town Hall

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Join Teresa for an intimate discussion on how to break through burnout.

Teresa Sabatine, CEO

Feeling stuck?

We will walk you through our holistic approach to reducing your burnout and answer any questions you have about our programs and community.

In this session we will talk with you about our holistic approach to burnout and open it up to questions you have about our program and community. 

"During our time together, Teresa helped me navigate a successful career pivot, build the foundations of my business, and facilitate a multi-million dollar deal.

Teresa’s compassionate yet direct guidance enabled me to give myself permission to stop trying to fit into the box that others have presented to me—and build my own sandbox. Thanks to the plan that Teresa and I put into place together, my days are filled with exactly the kind of work and projects that I’d always dreamed of—but never really believed were possible for me."

— Lauren Sparkman

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Our community will always be a safe place for you to get support and accelerate your creativity and leadership.

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Monthly Group Coaching calls & networking

Burnout Prevention Workshops AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

A community forum to connect & get support

More than 5 million women left the workforce during the pandemic due to lack of childcare, toxic culture, and burnout. 

In response, we launched our Get Unstuck Community where we bring mission-driven women leaders and business owners together for burnout prevention workshops and a monthly coaching call. 

Meet Teresa

Teresa Sabatine is a high-performance mindset coach, entertainment executive, and business consultant. She brings a unique balance of business leadership, emotional intelligence, and creative strategy to her role as Founder and Head Coach.

She deploys her business strategy and mindset coaching to purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, and helps women find clarity and pursue work they love in her burnout recovery program, From Stuck to Clarity. 

She also specializes in designing burnout free cultures of kindness that enable companies to reach peak success and performance while treating their people with respect and care. This business infrastructure allows for executives to lead with a clear set of values with coaching to support leaders and their teams each step of the way.

When she's not in a coaching session or making a meaningful connection between powerful women, you can find her in the mountains on a hike with her dog Billy or creating floral bouquets in her kitchen. 

about teresa

Prior to coaching, Teresa Sabatine was known for advising Mayors, Governors and executives on multi-million dollar business and sales strategies. She’s made an impact throughout her career working with businesses of all sizes -- from startups to the No. 1 brand in the world, Nike. 

She led teams and produced, developed, and sold projects for Sony, Lionsgate, Paramount, NBC, and the Global Marketing division at Nike headquarters.

In 2016 she was appointed to create and run a film and television economic and tourism engine for the city of Indianapolis. Within three years she grew the initiative to a $21M enterprise.

She has her coaching certification from the Duquesne University School of Business, and additional certificates and trainings in Internal Family Systems therapy and Emotional Agility.

Professional Bio

-Dija Henry

”Working with Teresa created shifts in my thinking that I didn’t even know I needed. I appreciated Teresa’s creativity, empathy and her accountability. She’s the real deal! She challenged me in my thinking in numerous ways and from numerous angles when it came to our sessions. Even though it wasn’t the main goal, I was able to make back the investment I made into myself financially and more because of our mindset work."

- Sheena Birt

"Teresa made my goal her mission and from day 1 we hit the ground running. I accomplished an amazing amount of work in 6 months, I created my digital course, beta-tested it, and launched it to my audience! Simultaneously, my business posted its biggest Q1 and Q2 numbers to date! And I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without Teresa's coaching, expertise, and resources."

-Michelle Notte

"Teresa doesn't just help you achieve one goal she is there to help you take things to the next level, she is available, flexible, and really cares about the results that YOU want to get. Anyone working with Teresa will be able to see how genuine she is about her mission and no matter what the goal for the outcome with her, you will feel better, more energized, and have a clearer vision for your life." 

-Lauren Kane

"I was burnt out - physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from a toxic work environment. After working with Teresa, I have renewed vision for my professional journey that is more intentional and strategic. She also helped me grow by enabling me to see the big picture, discover lessons from past challenges and equip me with a strategic mindset. I will use the valuable insights for navigating internal politics and managing teams for the rest of my career. "

-Olivia Young

"Teresa and I worked together for three months to move me from unstuck to momentum. With her guidance, I was able to find my voice again through my writing and in tandem a renewed confidence in myself and my purpose. We did deep dive sessions that spanned from working through emotional baggage, to whiteboard sessions planning out the trajectory of my next career move. Teresa is thoughtful, compassionate, and no fluff. She pushed me to embrace the space between and find my clarity."

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