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Dear Women,

I'm here to help you feel powerful, seen, and in full expression of your talents so you can make an impact on the world doing what you love.

"During our time together, Teresa helped me navigate a successful career pivot, build the foundations of my business, and facilitate a multi-million dollar deal.

Teresa’s compassionate yet direct guidance enabled me to give myself permission to stop trying to fit into the box that others have presented to me—and build my own sandbox. Thanks to the plan that Teresa and I put into place together, my days are filled with exactly the kind of work and projects that I’d always dreamed of—but never really believed were possible for me."

— Lauren Sparkman

If you are a social impact entrepreneur or leader, join us as a Woman of Impact. Get access to the monthly Founders Call, 1:1 coaching, or join the group business accelerator.


Define your path and put clarity into action in one-on-one coaching. Meet with Teresa weekly for tactical and mindset support to move forward.


Get out of the loop of uncertainty and doubt, reduce anxiety, and build a plan for your future in my burnout recovery group program.





Teresa Sabatine is a high-performance mindset coach who has helped nearly 100 women recover from burnout and create thriving careers and businesses.

She deploys business and mindset coaching in the Women of Impact Accelerator, a business accelerator for women leading social impact companies, and helps women get unstuck in her burnout recovery program, From Stuck to Clarity. She also offers private 1:1 coaching. 

Prior to coaching, she spent a decade advising Mayors, Governors and executives on multi-million dollar business and sales strategies. Making an impact throughout her career as the first Film Commissioner for the city of Indianapolis and leading teams and producing, packaging, and selling projects for Sony, Lionsgate, Paramount, NBC, and the Global Marketing division at Nike headquarters.

-Lydia, Lodovisi

"Before working with Teresa, I felt scattered, unsure – I could see the forks in the road, the paths I could take, but I didn’t have the clarity to choose.

Teresa helped me get clear on what was truly in my heart of hearts and feel confident in the path I deep down knew I wanted to take. She helped me realize what was truly within and gave me courage to pursue it. She helped me remove mental barriers to getting started and create new habits in the direction of my dreams. I feel so much more equipped to build what I want in my life."

Gain access to business strategy that helps move you forward, build your go-t0-market strategy, receive mindset coaching for navigating the emotions of leadership, and meet other founders and women leaders who are as passionate and dedicated as you

Join a thriving group of social impact leaders and grow your business in the Women of Impact Accelerator. 

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