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Create a life beyond your imagination. 

From Stuck To Clarity

your weeks away from a MORE CLEAR, MOTIVATED, CREATIVE YOU.

Inside this community you will learn and apply my proven formula to resuscitate your creativity, reduce your anxiety, and restore your clarity so you can design a life, career, or business that sets you on a path to true freedom and full self expression. 

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Business Coaching

Build your dream business

Attain a CEO mindset and take your business to new heights. 

In my business programs we have helped start and scale 15 businesses. From six-figure startups, to $40M global brands, to $100M exits. My coaching is tailored to your business and designed to help you grow. 

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I've helped Broadway directors, CEOs, founders. artists, corporate leaders, stay-at-home and working moms get unstuck. Hang with me and I will help you transform your relationship to your thoughts and kick your creativity and your confidence into high gear, 

mindset Coach. business mentor. Champion of women.

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I'm Teresa.

"Teresa has been fundamental in helping us strategically grow our team, scale our business, and provide guidance on the trajectory of our company for the next ten years."

-Nathan Whitton & Marciel Green

"I will use Teresa's insights for navigating internal politics and managing teams for the rest of my career. I now have a renewed vision for my professional journey that is more intentional and strategic."

- Lauren Kane

"Teresa’s program gave me space to emerge and flourish as an individual.  I no longer let work define me. Instead, I define my boundaries and where I place my energy."

- Katie  McFall-Catellier 

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