On a car ride back from a busy holiday celebration on the east coast I listened to Lady Gaga talk about her mental health. She kept referring to the hope she has each day that the emotions will eventually change, and how the trauma shows up physically in her body. She sees a psychologist every […]


December 27, 2019

Change your story, change your life

This morning I talked to my old therapist on the phone about a jarring email I received from a distressed follower yesterday. I haven’t seen my therapist in at least six months which for me is like, exceptional growth. Not because I don’t love therapy, I’ve got three numbers for you now if you are […]


December 10, 2019

Ain’t nobody gonna stop you

Six strategy calls, one week. The verdict is in: Women everywhere are moonlighting as professional jugglers. I’ve been working with women for awhile now, I have hundreds of hours of personal data on what we are truly up against. And while you know I am busy creating solutions to change the external systems that are […]


November 20, 2019

Is Your Desire to be Dependable Actually Getting In Your Way?

This past Sunday I was in a working session with a client designing a pitch and proposal.  We had worked this out in her mind but were finally putting thoughts to paper. I asked her how she was feeling, the pitch was happening in two days and she was going up in front of a […]


July 16, 2019

Growth Mindset: How to Build the Endurance You Need to Succeed

I met a friend yesterday for a short little catch up and chat. We sat on a beautiful porch looking out at the city and shared with each other our plans and holiday stories. I began telling her about this concept I learned recently of being on the “defense”. The concept is that any time […]


July 8, 2019

Allow or Defend: The Choice is Yours

In the past two weeks I have had encounters with people who have recently lost someone special to them. At the same time, the sun circled around the earth another time and 11 years have now come and gone since we lost my mom to cancer. There is something very familiar about the new grief […]


June 25, 2019

Stuck-ness, the Killer of Dreams–Don’t Let it Kill Yours

I’m returning from a week-long adventure. I set out to the mountains to find answers. Answers that are often hidden behind the busyness of everyday life. So I boarded a plane, and I rented a car, and I drove—and along the way to and from the mountain, I had encounters that have changed me; encounters […]


June 16, 2019

Life is For the Living, Make Sure You Are Still Breathing

It’s a rainy morning in Indiana. Billy and I went on a walk early and just let the rain fall on us as if it was a magical substance that would give us energy! Rain infused hair + wet puppy = happy morning. This is the sixth post in the Cleaning Out Your Stuff series. […]


January 23, 2019

What We Measure Matters: Clarity of What is Important to You is an Excellent Roadmap for Making Decisions

It is a rainy winter day in Indiana. My dog and I went on a walk early this morning and got muddy and dirty like little kids. Now I am happy to be sipping warm coffee and reading emails from my clients who are making amazing progress in their lives. How lucky am I? This […]


January 17, 2019

What We Focus On Expands; How to Stop Playing Victim In Your Life

The sun is (actually) shining over the snow in Indiana and I am listening to Lo-Fi Beats on Spotify while catching up on emails and contemplating a move to Palm Springs ;). This is the third post in the Cleaning Out Your Stuff series. To start the exercise at the beginning go here. I remember […]


January 14, 2019

Your Emotions Are Data Telling You What Works and What Doesn’t

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