Plan 12 weeks in two hours and get yourself set up to make a big impact without burning out.


December 23, 2020

The One Tool You Need to End Burnout and Take Leaps in Your Business

The easiest way to handle our doubt is to devise a plan. And as we always say here at TS Coaching and Consulting, you cannot stop a woman with a vision and a plan.


September 16, 2020

3 Steps to Help You Take Action On Your Ideas

On a car ride back from a busy holiday celebration on the east coast I listened to Lady Gaga talk about her mental health. She kept referring to the hope she has each day that the emotions will eventually change, and how the trauma shows up physically in her body. She sees a psychologist every […]


December 27, 2019

Change your story, change your life

Every great idea died on this sentence: I just don’t know where to start. I can name one million times that I have started something for the first time. It began when I took my first step as a child, or when I ate my first real piece of food. Right? All of us are […]


October 22, 2019

How to start when you don’t know where to start

Today I got a call from an old boss and mentor. He was returning my call from last week and we were catching up about him finallllllyyyyy putting one of his most amazing scripts into production. He is going to make his second movie, ten years later. Early this morning I got word that one […]


September 16, 2019

How to Keep Going When You Think You’ve Had Enough

Good Evening, welcome to day 19 of my daily self commitment to write for 15 minutes each day. I am listening to the sounds of my little puppy breathing beside me as he sleeps and feeling really super lucky to have him. It wasn’t always the case, my life wasn’t always this blissful, and I […]


December 22, 2018

How to Have More Joy

Welcome to day 11 of my self commitment to write for 15 minutes each day. Currently listening to “The One Show Stayed and the One Who Left” by Regina Spector on Spotify and wondering why we ever stop believing in magic. I am returning home from a dinner with one of my favorite people. Two […]


December 14, 2018

Most Worthwhile Visions Seem Crazy To Other People

Hello there, welcome to day 8 of my daily self commitment of writing each day for 15 minutes. Currently listening to The Paper Kites new album on Spotify and planning a January group coaching offering. Stay tuned! Last week I wrote a lot about self commitment and how keeping your self commitments is the most […]


December 10, 2018

Create the Vision, Commit to the Process

I want to talk about self commitment. Last week I was reading, Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and she wrote about her commitment to quit drinking Diet Coke. She had spent her life making small and big commitments to herself and just never keeping them. So one day she decided that if she […]


December 3, 2018

Courageous Self Commitment

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