This morning I talked to my old therapist on the phone about a jarring email I received from a distressed follower yesterday. I haven’t seen my therapist in at least six months which for me is like, exceptional growth. Not because I don’t love therapy, I’ve got three numbers for you now if you are […]


December 10, 2019

Ain’t nobody gonna stop you

I was sitting in a pew anticipating a wonderful performance from a women’s choir. It had been a while since I sat in a pew—I used to do it every single day growing up and let’s just say, it was a lot. So, I’ve replaced hard church pews with muddy paths surrounded by trees and […]


November 28, 2019

How to Manage the Grief of Change

Six strategy calls, one week. The verdict is in: Women everywhere are moonlighting as professional jugglers. I’ve been working with women for awhile now, I have hundreds of hours of personal data on what we are truly up against. And while you know I am busy creating solutions to change the external systems that are […]


November 20, 2019

Is Your Desire to be Dependable Actually Getting In Your Way?

Today I got a call from an old boss and mentor. He was returning my call from last week and we were catching up about him finallllllyyyyy putting one of his most amazing scripts into production. He is going to make his second movie, ten years later. Early this morning I got word that one […]


September 16, 2019

How to Keep Going When You Think You’ve Had Enough

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