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This challenge will reignite your creativity and artist self, create community and belonging, and provide you more energy for life and your business.

As a highly sensitive person, weeks of holiday celebration and family time can leave me feeling somewhat out of touch with my own self. I love to give, I love to spend time with my loved ones, and I have found it equally as important that I have what I need and that I feel the way I want to feel. Running and growing my business and being available to help others do the same requires a lot of discipline around maintaining my energy, clarity, and creativity.

It is in these times that I double down on my own personal self-care routines and make lots of room for my internal artist. I’m not talking about taking baths and drinking warm tea, although those things are wonderful. I am referring to the management of my own mind and heart. The simple act of listening to my own internal creative whispers and making space for my own thoughts and feelings. 

Because I could use some accountability and a refresher on the tools in my toolkit, and members of our community are expressing the same need, we are inviting you to join a 12-week challenge utilizing one of my favorite creativity recovery tools, The Artist’s Way. I have taken myself through this exercise three times and each time I am catapulted to a new level of creativity and clarity. 

I am of the The Artist’s Way author, Julia Cameron, philosophy that inside all of us is an artist, a part of us that uses her imagination, taps into her intuition, knows what is best for herself and can communicate what she needs. However, when the world gets scary, stress compounds, and we go back to those old persona’s to survive, our artist can be the first one to go into hiding. She needs support and encouragement, and she wants to be free to express herself and try new things.

Dates of this challenge: Monday February 6th – Monday May 1st.

How to Join:

  • Secure The Artist Way Book (Both the Kindle and Paperback work great!)
  • If you are already a member of our community you are automatically enrolled in the challenge at no additional cost. 
  • If you are not currently part of our community and you would like to participate in the challenge RSVP to the challenge here and we will be in touch to help you enroll. You can join for $125 a month (cancel anytime) which gives you access to the challenge and our (2) 90 minute coaching calls a month during which you can receive help with business operations and planning, product development, sales and marketing, and mindset and self-development.

Your Commitment:

  • Read one (short) chapter a week, do your morning pages and journal prompt and have an artist’s date with yourself.
  • Engage in the community! Share your progress, ask questions, cheer others on.
  • Aside from the morning journaling, we anticipate you will need 2 hours per week to keep up with the material.

The word challenge can feel a little daunting so let me break it down for you.

  • We will post a discussion thread in our community forum each week that corresponds with that weeks very short and easy-to-read chapter from the book. We invite you to comment and share your insights and progress.
  • I will share what I am learning as I go through the material and engage with your comments and questions to help support your journey.
  • We will have a celebration and wrap up Zoom call to connect as a community and debrief about the experience together.
  • This is about accountability and progress, not perfection. Our goal is for you to have fun, learn more about your own artists and leave each week feeling energized.

If you are not already a member of our community, joining the challenge is a great way to see what it is all about. By participating will also have access to our two (2) 90 minute group coaching sessions a month. These sessions will not be focused on The Artist’s Way, instead, they are tactical and mindset coaching opportunities, of course if the material comes up as a topic that’s excellent! Otherwise you can bring any topic and receive coaching.

What does The Artist’s Way have to do with owning and operating a business? Everything. As a leader, your intuition is your greatest super power. Knowing, trusting, and allowing your creative self to have a role in how you lead absolutely contributes to more stability, better decision making, and ultimately more growth and revenue.

We would love to have you there, and if time and money are a barrier we invite you to buy the book and take yourself through the material on your own! Our guidance, accountability and support is just an added bonus to the incredible material that Julia Cameron has already created.

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