The Get Unstuck community and business incubator helps women founders and creative entrepreneurs build, launch and run profitable life-style business they love. 

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Design, launch, and market new brands, products, and services

Develop, launch, and market new brands, products, and services

Increase revenue 30-50% YOY 

Increase revenue 30-50% YOY 

Go from pre-revenue to $13M and hire an executive team

Go from pre-revenue to $13M and hire an executive team

Design, negotiate and close 5 and 6-figure contracts

Design, negotiate and close 5 and 6-figure contracts

Here are just a few ways women have utilized this community to propel forward. 

Here are just a few ways women have utilized this community to propel forward:

"After a single hour with Teresa, I walked away feeling inspired and with an actionable plan. That plan helped me reach my company's client goals and exceed our revenue expectations in the first month of business"

Ashley Butler

A higher-level of thinking allowing you to lead from confidence, close gaps, and increase revenue.

A sacred space to ideate, get feedback, and move yourself forward every week.

Strategy and support on the day-to day operations of your business.

Systems, planning, and automation that help increase your impact. 

A flexible workday, a month long vacation, a team working on your behalf. 

what you will experience:

about the community

I will hold space for you to discuss personal and professional challenges, and coach you through obstacles when you feel stuck. In addition to helping you increase your revenue, I will open doors, clear paths, and share resources to help move you toward your highest-self. 

We are a collective of liberated women who value economic freedom, creative expression, time flexibility, and self-discovery. We are champions of women. We celebrate them in triumph and we walk with them through hardship. We use our skills and talent to do meaningful work in the world and strive to positively impact our communities. 

two coaching calls a month 

Twice a month you can join us to discuss any business or mindset topic of your choice, learn new business strategy, and connect with other members. You will be coached by Teresa directly and you will gain immense insight from watching your peers be coached. 

Mobile App & Coaching Forum

The Coaching Forum serves as a discussion hub for all of your business and mindset questions. You can access it on the go right from our mobile app.

Feeling burnt out and need some guidance? Negotiating deal points? The Coaching Forum is the perfect place to get support outside of our coaching calls. 

In-person retreats and workshops

We believe in the power of women coming together. In just one introduction women have created six-figure partnerships from this community. We help you create powerful relationships on our calls and through in-person retreats and workshops. 

the format

I struggled a lot with imposter syndrome at the beginning of this work and I can honestly say that I have not had any self doubt in the past couple of months."

Zulmarie Gonzalez

"In the last two years, I grew my business by 50% YOY, built an incredible website, and have systems in place for a better client experience. Now I'm building team.

How to build a quarterly plan and follow through so you can increase revenue month over month

topics of our coaching calls:

Preparing to pitch: A deep dive on your market positioning and how to speak to your buyer to close deals

Creating proper client boundaries and systems so you don't burn out

Time management for the ups and downs of business ownership and how to carve out time for creativity and a personal life

Design and build new offers and how to manage projects and your expectations

Hiring: When to do it yourself, when to outsource, and when and how to hire

Company and founder identity: how to build something you love with your unique talents

How to overcome obstacles quickly and pivot in ambiguity

how to harness your authentic voice so you can speak to your mission and build cohesion and partnerships

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$250 a mo


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Teresa Sabatine

As her clients say, Teresa is part football coach and part fairy godmother. You may notice that sometimes she is so in the flow you have to drag her off the calls. She loves enabling women entrepreneurs to shine their light on the world and breakthrough barriers in the way of their success. She has helped launch 18+ women-owned businesses and taught hundreds of clients how to step into their true power and manifest their dreams. 

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What women are saying

“I am so grateful for this sacred space to grow, share, and learn from one another. Within just a few months, we were all living and breathing results and to see that impact makes you feel motivated and inspired to celebrate with each other.”

-Molly Richeson Clark

For any woman out there who feels burned out or ready to explore a new path, I highly recommend working with Teresa Sabatine. I wouldn’t be where I am today — fulfilled and happy with a new business, feeling that I am on the right path at this time in my life — without her expert guidance and support.

- Stephanie Denson

 I would’ve never made my business dream a reality without this community. I am so Type A, and I need to know an outcome before I even think about taking a leap.  The mindset work has let me relax a bit, and trust in myself and the process. I know that things aren’t going to be easy, but I know that when it does get hard, I have the tools in my Arsenal to combat it and move past it.

- Taylor Hermann

Teresa sees me, she knows when to push and pull and insisted I see my value as she does. Since becoming a member I have executed on 40 percent of my business plan, including: creating a website and online business presence, securing funding (multiple options), and confirming three public speaking events. 

- Jenni Lu

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