10 Shifts I Made to Reach My Business Goals

All of us are starting from somewhere. Your somewhere might be different than mine, but at the end of the day the tools for how we get to where we are going next are very similar.

I’m a first generation entrepreneur. I don’t have family that has shown me the way or financial support to lean on. In a lot of ways I felt blind but I also knew I had learned more than enough about business in my many years working for major corporations like Nike and Paramount Studios. I used that experience and confidence to fuel action.

Below are the things that have helped me actually reach the big scary goals I have set for myself. Such as; doubling my corporate revenue three months into my business, on boarding clients into a new program by just using my network, and carving out time in my day for personal care and emotional wellbeing.

I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve learned as a business owner or just the president and CEO of your own life. If any of these resonate with you stop by and let me know on Instagram.

10 Shifts I Made To Reach My Business Goals

  1. I threw away the narrative that I had to be overwhelmed and busy to be successful.

    • I began setting clear intentions for nearly every hour of my day and did not waver on my self care, my exercise and my personal life. Burnout is a Madison Avenue disease, it is not a way of life. It doesn’t mean I don’t work hard or think about my business every day, but it does mean I am not putting myself in emotional and physical danger by overcommitting and giving my time away at every turn. This took a complete mindset overhaul. I will be talking a lot about how I did this on my upcoming October Daily Instagram Live Challenge.

  2. I said no to every single thing that did not align with my values and my vision.

    • Even if it was a meeting with a really powerful or influential person, if the meeting was not regarding my mission, I passed. This led to a lot of gaps on my calendar for planning and implementation of my actual business goals. The key here is you have to define the vision for where you are going. The first question you should ask yourself right now is, “Where am I going?”. The quicker you can define the vision the quicker you can take steps to get there.

  3. I set clear financial goals and I got the help I needed to meet them.

    • Hiring a coach when I ended that big cushy contract was terrifying, it was the most money I had ever spent on my own development. I knew I needed accountability and sales training and that is exactly what I got. Working with her helped me double my income and define my offerings. Get clear on your offering, what is the ROI of your product? If that product is you, what is your hourly value? How many hours are you offering of your time? Create that concise offering and know its value.

  4. I leaned heavily on block scheduling and that little magical timer on my iPhone.

    • Each day I chunk out my day in 30 and 60 minute blocks and dedicate focused time to the areas of my business that need attention. I set a timer and I work until it plays that cute little sound. This has helped me do the work I hate doing and build momentum in areas that are intimidating. The morning of or the night before I make a list for each block of what I will focus on and what has to happen. This helps me avoid distractions or wasting my blocked time because of lack of strategy.

  5. I got a hold of my finances, for real.

    • I started tracking my spending and noticing my emotional spending patterns. I made a Trello board for my financial needs and wants. Instead of buying that pretty little blouse I saw online, I connect the link to my Trello account and don’t purchase until I meet a goal. That way I get to see the big picture financial goals in one place, reward myself when I meet goals and know what I am actually saving and working toward.

  6. I automated in every way that I could.

    • I automate my on-boarding for new clients, I automate my bookings with Acuity Scheduling. I also automate my new client intake funnel. Automation is key to making your business run when you are not there and to cutting down on wasteful time that you could be using more strategically. Create standard contracts for your offerings, keep links to relevant trainings and business resources on a Trello board or the notes app in your phone. Organize and automate so your brain has to make less decisions before you take action.

  7. I stopped trying to do everything.

    • I want to help all of the people, but it’s most important that my coaching programs are transformational. Offering random coaching sessions without a defined timeline, assignments and constant touch points was not as effective. I got very clear on who I could serve the most and created programs that I know are transformational. Do not go halfway on anything. Halfway will lead to you feeling like you are doing nothing. Phase out your plans for your business so you can take things on in chunks and build toward more. If you are feeling antsy about creating something new or taking on too much ask yourself why. Most likely we are working from a scarcity mindset or a financial fear.

  8. I put a cap on what I could do for free.

    • I offer one (60) minute strategy session to anyone interested in coaching who does the upfront work to fill out my strategy form. This allows both of us to see how the program can benefit them. I have three (30) minute mentor sessions held on my calendar a month for young women who are seeking guidance. This helped me still live out my mission but also really serve my clients who are showing up to do the work.

  9. I created daily rituals and I stick to them.

    • My morning routine is set in stone and I do not waver from it for anyone. It includes exercise, future visioning, intention setting, money mindset prompts, planning my block scheduling for the day, and my gratitude journaling. As an aside, if for some reason it does not get done I quickly forgive myself and move on. Swimming in shame is the quickest way to get stuck and fall into a negative narrative about yourself and your business.

  10. I stopped asking everyone around me for advice and worked on trusting my own instincts.

    • That day in the bathroom stall at the State House was the only sign I needed to remind me that I must trust myself. Something that is easy for someone else may not be easy for me and vice versa. The more I looked for external validation and answers the more tired and overwhelmed I was. I finally got clear on my mission and decided I would trust myself even when I was scared. The advice I was taking in at times was actually making me really doubt myself. When you are going after your dreams you don’t have time for doubts from others and negative narratives. Everyone wants you to have a Plan B because they are scared you will fail. You have to put blinders on and work the affirmation system.

At the end of the day, inside of you is everything that you need to get going. If you see it in your mind, it is possible here in the real world. Remember to focus, get clear on your vision and keep your self commitments. The road is long but it can be enjoyable.

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