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You are a high-functioning successful woman who is tired of being tired. 

You've done a thing (a career path, a relationship, a leadership role, run a company) for awhile but it just isn't doing it for you anymore.

Maybe you're burnt out.
Maybe you have a toxic boss.
Maybe you have too much stress. 


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From Stuck to Clarity

The 90 day coaching program designed to get you unstuck and thriving

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“The work I did with Teresa helped me realize the ways in which I was holding myself back and robbing myself of joy. Today, months after our coaching has come to end, I can clearly see how our work sparked major transformation in my life. I’m in a new career I’m excited about. I’m planning my marriage to the partner of my dreams. Above all, I’m happy with who I am and the life I’m consciously creating. Teresa helped me get back in touch with the truest parts of myself and for that, I’ll always be grateful.”

- Ally Denton 

The Details of the Program

12 Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions 

The Membership Hub & Workbooks

There are workbooks for each step of the framework so that you can explore the material on your own, deepen your learning by re-watching the sessions, and take copious notes (you will want to!).

A Network Of Women Who Have Your Back

You gain access to my network of women as well as the network of women who are part of your cohort. A key component of your success is having people who believe in and support the changes you want to make. 

the schedule

Book a call to learn more and be added to our waitlist for our January 2023 cohort. 

Every week for 12 weeks you meet privately on Zoom with an exclusive group of powerful, smart, emotionally savvy women and Teresa to work through the From Stuck To Clarity framework. 

60 minute group calls every Thursday at 12PM EST

Your From Stuck to Clarity membership gets you access to our community where we have additional workshops and community calls to help you stay on track, prevent burnout, and expand your network. 

Free access to GET UNSTUCK for 3 months

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Increased compensation

A thriving business

A fulfilling career

Blossoming relationships

Reduced anxiety


Excitement & energy

Clarity of your path



Side effects of this program include: 

"I don’t think I would’ve even became clear on the fact that giving myself flexibility through my own business was an option if it wasn’t for the emotional work. I would’ve never made that dream a reality. I am so Type A, and I need to know an outcome before I even think about taking a leap. The emotional work has let me relax a bit, and trust in myself and the process. I also have a better understanding of myself so I know to listen to my body and my mind and give it what it needs to ensure my success."

- Taylor Hermann

Your Journey Inside the Program

how megan 3x'd her income and overhauled her mindset


Reduce your head chatter & lower your anxiety

In the first phase of this program you will learn how to reduce your anxiety by navigating your thoughts in an entirely new way. You may notice yourself caring less about the "small" things and feeling much more creative and open to possibilities. 


Figure out what you want by discovering what matters to you


Increase your confidence & go after what you want


Overhaul your time & make room for what is coming

In phase two of this program you will become more decisive by clarifying your values and beliefs and learning how to live those values and beliefs out loud in your daily life. 

In this third phase you will be pulling your vision together and setting boundaries in every area of your life to make room for what you want. 

In this final phase your clarity will motivate you to form new habits, commit to the vision, and be ready to execute without the fear of letting anyone down or making the "wrong choice."

- Leslie Bailey 

"Working with Teresa helped me gain clarity on how to move forward with the seed of an idea and turn it into my business, Indy Maven. If it had not been for our coaching, I think it would have taken me years to make a move. I was able see a path, make a plan, take action, and two years later, I am the owner of a thriving business that helps empower women in my community."

- Lauren Sparkman

"Teresa’s compassionate yet direct guidance enabled me to give myself permission to stop trying to fit into the box that others have presented to me—and build my own sandbox. Thanks to the plan that Teresa and I put into place together, my days are filled with exactly the kind of work and projects that I’d always dreamed of—but never really believed were possible for me. "

- Lauren Kane

"I was burnt out - physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from a toxic work environment. I was literally at my breaking point. After working with Teresa, I have a renewed vision for my professional journey that is more intentional and strategic. Teresa also helped me grow by enabling me to see the big picture, discover lessons from past challenges and equip me with a strategic mindset and the tools to tackle future obstacles."

- Ashley Rosenblatt

"With Teresa's effective and impactful coaching, I was able to improve my overall quality of life which, trust me--EVERYONE around me appreciated. She provided invaluable tools applicable to both my professional and personal life. With Teresa's guidance, I learned how to prioritize what I need, what my goals are, and how to shift my perspective to get the results I desire. I'll be forever indebted to her."

What Clients Are Saying

Your freedom awaits

The power of community is something we just can’t put a price on. The reason I've turned our life changing framework into a group program is because working through your blocks with other women actually accelerates your progress. I have women getting 20-30% raises and finding jobs they love but they always tells me that the community is what is the most impactful about our programs.

I have taken a lot of self-guided courses in my career but the real change didn’t happen until I had an excellent coach or sherpa, if you will, guiding me through the change process. These live calls are powerful. They hold you accountable to the space and allow you to process with a safe community that gets you. Of course we have homework, of course there are frameworks you are going to work through but my coaching is really what moves the needle and I want you to have access to that so you can make sustainable life altering changes.

The beautiful thing about coaching is that I am here to meet you where you are. I have had women triple their income in this program through actively participating in the live coaching calls and working through the material. This is what you make it. If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking to scale your company you might want to join The Women of Impact Program. 

Head here for more information.

I named this program From Stuck to Clarity for a reason. I know what it is like to be spinning your wheels, trying all kinds of things, or burning out in work that doesn’t fulfill you. I am here to help you create goals that are in deep alignment with who you are so you can get unstuck and thrive.

If you want different results you are going to have to show up differently. So if you choose to invest in this program I really encourage you to come to the live calls and be active in the office hours. I built this specifically so you wouldn’t be out there on your own navigating a course. The live calls give you accountability that will keep you moving forward when you feel like giving up.

I would bet everything
I have on this program

When I first started teaching this framework there wasn't scientific data to back up my theory: burnout can absolutely negatively effect our health.  Now the data is in; 

Whether it is a toxic work environment or burnout from life circumstances, we are committed to reducing your stress and helping you flourish. 

Chronic stress increases the narratives playing on repeat in your brain telling you that you aren't enough, that you don't work enough, that you don't have what it takes, that you need to worry more, that you don't know how to make the right decisions. 

This chatter can feel debilitating and the anxiety you feel mentally can release stress hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel physically worse. 

Your recovery and the positive ripple effect of your healing  is why I was put on this earth. It is also why I endured years of transitional grief and burnout—all so I could arrive here in this moment to support you on your journey.

Some of our clients come in thinking that they have to quit everything to feel better. We are about optimizing your joy, performance, and fulfillment. Sometimes that does require clients to quit a toxic job, pivot in their career, or adjust their relationships. 

Our goal is to put the power back in your hands so you can choose the best path for yourself from a place of strength and confidence. 

On the other side of these 12 weeks is an energized, joyful, clear, decisive you. 

Working in a toxic atmosphere is associated with elevated levels of stress, burnout, and mental health issues. Toxicity also translates into physical illness. When employees experience injustice in the workplace, their odds of suffering a major disease increase by 35% to 55%.

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