Love Letters from Lizzy is a life-coaching advice column and hotline. You can write or call to submit your question on love, anxiety, self-care, work, caretaking, relationships, grief and more to receive wisdom and guidance from Lizzy. At your request, you can receive a response to your question directly in your inbox. Some of your questions and the loving replies from Lizzy will be shared weekly in our community newsletter.

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You will receive a response to your question directly in your inbox. Some of your questions and the loving replies from Lizzy will be shared weekly in our community newsletter.

Love Letters from Lizzy is a life-coaching advice column. You can submit your question on love, anxiety, self-care, work, relationships, grief and more to receive wisdom and guidance from Lizzy. 

It’s free to call the number. It’s free to leave a voicemail. And if you want, no one ever has to know. If you want a direct response from Lizzy in your inbox we ask you to leave an email where she can reach you. Otherwise she will share her wisdom for you in her newsletter. It’s ok to ask for help sister. We all need it. Sometimes just saying it out loud takes all its power away.

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that’s 813-82-LIZZY 

The hotline is designed for you, the woman who is dedicated to building a meaningful life, who has a heart of gold and feelings as deep as the ocean. Leave a message for Lizzy—that alone will help you lay down the stress. Then wait as Lizzy shares a concrete and actionable plan for you to move forward. 

813-825-4999 that’s 813-82-LIZZY 

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Some answers to your questions will be turned into a longer-form podcast so we can go deeper on the subject matter and provide experts to share additional advice when needed. All submissions remain anonymous to our community and audience unless you tell us otherwise. 

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Elizabeth Sabatine aka Lizzy, was a mamma, therapist, community organizer, & champion of women. 

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Lizzy Dedicated her life to helping others and brought people together across race, religion, and political beliefs. She poured as much love as she could into every person she met. In 2008, at the age of 55, She lost her 10-year battle with breast cancer. Love, Lizzy was founded by her daughter, Teresa to carry on her mother's legacy as a light worker. 

Your guide for navigating your feelings with grace and love

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We all face stuff in life, it's whether we have the tools to navigate it that can make or break us. With Letters from Lizzy, I have set out to democratize the resources that are available to all of us to return to an internal place of peace and self-understanding. Our brain is a magnificent organ with the potential to transform our nervous system and thus our emotional experience. Paving new neural pathways can feel daunting, but it is possible.  As you spend more time with me and Lizzy, we hope you find love, understanding, and wisdom for how to navigate life challenges.

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I am the youngest daughter of the original Lizzy, a coach, grief survivor and a mental health advocate. As a sensitive human, I have spent my life studying feelings, emotions, brain health, and the affects of stress on our bodies. 

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I find I keep grieving multiple versions of who my dad was and wasn't. I don't know how to resolve any of my feelings when I struggle to accept where our relationship was at the time he died.

How to begin to Grieve and forgive 

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How can I understand the difference between a hopeful heart and a foolish pursuit?

How do I know when to give up on love?

Love, Lizzy  podcast 

Coming Spring 2024

How to Move THrough Anxiety

By helping you understand and powerfully navigate your emotions and feelings, The Love, Lizzy Podcast mission is to enhance your self-awareness, increase self-acceptance, and build resiliency. Through the lens of empathy and understanding, we will share stories of those that have used the Stuff That Shaped Them as a catalyst for a curious and full life, teach you tools we have applied to hundreds of clients to help them in their recovery, as well as interview experts who can help you take practical steps to heal your heart and your brain.

A Franchise of Women-Owned Businesses + Benefit and Social Impact Corporation 

Love, Lizzy is a women’s liberation movement, focused on increasing the safety, welfare, and economic security of women.

Love, Lizzy will operate through a network of women-owned lush flower shops and tea houses where we offer inspiring, strength building, and soul-nourishing programming and resources. We host lectures, book launches, and in our retail section we sell woman owned and woman made products.These vibrant physical locations will serve as sacred respites for all who visit. 

A portion of every dollar spent at a Love Lizzy will be donated to a nonprofit partner organization focused on supporting domestic violence survivors and fast-grants that enable women to get back on their feet after a major life setback.

In the meantime, as Love, Lizzy works on opening her first shop, her advice column, podcast, and social content will help all humans find more love and belonging and educate on the importance of eradicating violence against women. In order to keep women safe we must effort to create collective healing for all. 

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