Client Case study

When Kylee first started talking to me about coaching, she was burnt out and days away from selling her company. 

I remember our first call like it was yesterday: Kylee’s gut was telling her not to sell, but her brain was trying to rationalize away what she felt was true. Something inside her felt this deal was not the right choice, but she was having a hard time backing out of what seemed to be an incredible offer. 

Over the next few days I coached Kylee through the hard work of examining whether this deal was truly best for her. I put her in touch with a respected attorney to give her additional perspective and support. This new perspective and our coaching, revealed the writing on the wall: the offer was much too low for what the company was worth, and it was clear she was not in a “good faith” negotiation. 

Trusting your intuition in times of ambiguity & change

How we executed on a whole new business model in 12 months 

Kylee did the hardest thing anyone in her position has to do - she walked away from the deal. She felt instant relief. This decision led to our year-long journey together. 

We kicked off with an all-day intensive, digging deep to find the true vision for her life's work: 

What did building this company mean to her? 

What was her true dream for its impact? 

Why was she feeling so drained and ready to walk away? 

what systems and automation would help her scale without burning to the ground? 

I applied my proven Burnout Recovery Tools in our coaching sessions which gave Kylee some relief from the urgency to make a big change. 

Within 90 days, this new arm of the business was profitable. Within six months, Kylee’s original company was back on track: She was allowing herself space to ideate, hiring the right team members, and finding ways to increase profit and create stability.

In the coming months we would build a strategy to both turn her current company into something she loved, and add a new arm to the business that brought to life even more of her vision. 

Kylee is now on a rocket ship of her own creation.

She is standing in her full essence, showing up powerfully in every aspect of her business: Designing creative marketing campaigns, launching new products, letting her team own their responsibilities, implementing systems that give her time and freedom, AND spending more time with her incredible family.

Kylee was willing to do the internal work necessary to create the external reality that she dreamed was possible. She found the discipline she needed to stay on track with her strategy, believe things could turn around, and now has two profitable and highly impactful arms of her business that are outputting growth month over month.  

Most importantly, Kylee is operating from her core self. This connection to her true vision has been the secret ingredient driving her success and I am honored to have helped her find and harness it.

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