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Teresa Sabatine is known for advising Mayors, Governors and executives on multi-million dollar business and sales strategies. She’s made an impact throughout her career working with businesses of all sizes -- from startups to the No. 1 brand in the world, Nike. 

She led teams and produced, developed, and sold projects for Sony, Lionsgate, Paramount, NBC, and the Global Marketing division at Nike headquarters.

In 2016 she was appointed to create and run a film and television economic and tourism engine for the city of Indianapolis. Within three years she grew the initiative to a $21M enterprise.

Throughout her career in the sports and entertainment industry she was often the only woman at the metaphorical table. She experienced a lot of frustration and harassment and found herself mentoring young women who were trying to make their way in such a toxic environment. At one point she became more excited about the mentorship phone calls than her work as a producer. 

In 2016 she decided to go all in on her dream to help women harness their power and build lives and businesses on their terms. Since then she received her coaching certification from Duquesne University and has many hours of training in the areas of change management and emotional agility. She operates a Women of Impact Group Accelerator program for mission-driven female founders looking for mindset and business support as they scale as well as the From Stuck to Clarity 90 day mastermind which enables women to ditch anxiety and step into their authentic power. She also offers private 1:1 coaching. 

When she is not in a coaching session with an amazing woman you can find her on a hike with her dog Billy or dreaming up the details of her soon to be women’s liberation flower shop in Austin, Texas.

Professional Bio

hello there

This is my story.

I'm Teresa

When I was younger my girlfriends used to come over just so they could talk to my mom. A practicing psychologist and radical feminist, she believed in the liberation of women and the power of full female expression. 

And after losing her to cancer at 22, I was devastated and stuck. I remained stuck for nearly a decade. You wouldn't have known because I played the game, the game I've come to realize a lot of women play throughout their lives.

Pretending everything is fine, taking care of everyone else, and squashing our own needs (and swallowing our truth) at every turn.

I had a lot of success doing this. I built an enviable career as a producer and film and television executive rising through the ranks at some of the top companies in the country. 

But after about ten years of this, I hit rock bottom from exhaustion and finally decided playing this game was no longer working for me. I began exploring what a bigger, more honest, fully expressed life might look like. 

Thousands of hours of work, therapy, and one coaching certification later, I finally stepped into my true calling as women’s coach and mentor.

I am here to preserve my mother's legacy of love, laughter, compassion, and liberating women. 

We do this through our group masterminds; The Women Of Impact Program & From Stuck to Clarity, one-to-one business coaching, and the celebration and elevation of women and their life’s work through live interviews, empowering events, and soon gatherings at our creative shop in Austin,Texas. 

My hope is that each time you interact with us you feel my mother’s arms wrapping around you reminding you that you are loved, important, and capable of extraordinary things. 

Don’t be shy, we want to meet you! Send us a message or book a call.

If my mom were still alive she would be nestled in a booth, glass of wine in hand, in some interesting restaurant somewhere in the world listening intently to a woman and helping her heal. 

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