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Together with my incredible clients we've pivoted careers, tripled salaries, built 18 (and counting!) businesses, became mammas, and begun to change the world. How fun it has been to see them build lives of freedom, flexibility, and impact. 

A highlight of this work was when my client, and now friend, closed a multi-hundred-million dollar deal by sticking to her values and trusting her intuition every step of the way. Women really are the world's most untapped resource and we are just getting started. 

My mission is to increase the safety, welfare, and economic security of women. 


this Year we LAUNCHED OUR first RETREAT CENTER; The Love, Lizzy Farm

A dream of mine has been to curate physical spaces where women can gather to restore their sovereignty and propel themselves and the world forward through positive change.  We host one-on-one and group retreats and exist as a sacred space for women to come for a tea or an afternoon of liberating conversation. 

Interesting in coaching or hanging at our farm? 

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I had a one track mind the second I graduated college: I am going to run a movie studio. I left my college town in Indiana and headed to New York. Every opportunity that came my way I took it, and the adventures were endless. I put my head down, traveled the world, worked twenty-hour days and did not look up. Until one day, I hit a wall. 

THIS IS A (part of my) story

I started out making films and television for a living. 

Highlight Reel: The David Letterman Show. Transformers the movie.
Nike the company. Running a film commission.


I was living " the dream"... yet I felt stuck.

My body was begging for rest, constantly whispering for me to take time away. I would end my days with barely enough energy to change into my pajamas before going to sleep, just to do it all again the next day. 

I could feel that slowing down to regroup was the answer but I didn't want to sacrifice my seat at the table and I certainly didn't have time to do hard things like switch my career or change my life. I finally took my first vacation ever - hoping it would do the trick -and when it came time to return home, my entire body told me, "no." 

That was a bit of a wake up call.

I spent the next three years figuring out how to get myself unstuck. I intentionally re-configured my life, got my professional coaching certificate, began rewiring my brain, (even got it scanned), turned my process into a curriculum and built a business. What you see here is a body of work decades in the making. A roadmap I designed after pulling myself out of burnout, actualizing my dreams, and helping women use entrepreneurship as a vehicle for freedom and economic security. 

I am the daughter of a psychologist and a political philosopher. I come from academia, Italian immigrants, and Irish descent. Prior to losing my mom to cancer when I was 22, I watched her work to save lives and create light for those in the darkness. These things have shaped me- making me a more curious, empathetic, and courageous person- and prepared me for my life's calling as a coach.

In my first life I made television and movies for a living. I started my career at the Late Show with David Lettermen, honed my creative collaboration skills on film sets like Transformers, and got my business acumen roaming the halls of Lionsgate Studios and Nike Headquarters.

I made my entrepreneurial debut building the first-ever Film Commission in Indianapolis. In three years we grew it from $0 to $21M in economic impact. Along with a talented team of producers and policy makers, I went on to pass Film and Media Tax Incentives in Indiana.

I now am a founder, a business mentor, a writer and a coach. I have the honor of leading a community of women (and some amazing men) all over the country made up of seasoned founders, leaders, innovators, and first-time entrepreneurs who are pouring their creativity into the world and living free of burnout. 

When we meet, ask me about my latest personal venture, Love, Lizzy. When I am not working I am chasing the sunrises, playing with my sweet nieces, or cuddling with my dog Billy. 

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