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Women of Impact

A business accelerator and executive coaching for women leading social impact companies 

Join a community of powerful women business leaders

This is a place where other women, just like you, are pushing through barriers, disrupting industries, shaping culture, and fixing broken systems. 

Here you have access to a network that will help you grow, are given tools to increase your capacity and your revenue, all while driving positive change through your products and services.

Hire Teresa to build your personal brand and help you execute your professional legacy. Get clear so you can stand out and make an impact with your people and your customers.

One-On-One Coaching

Join weekly group calls with Teresa to build and execute your 1-3-5 year roadmap. Get 1:1 marketing and sales support. Streamline, package, and launch your offers.

Group Accelerator

A monthly coaching call in a community of social impact women leaders. Get support for your mental wellness, business strategy coaching, and support to advance your mission.

Monthly Founders Call

"After a single hour with Teresa, I walked away feeling inspired and with an actionable plan. That plan helped me reach my company's client goals and exceed our revenue expectations in the first month of business"

- Ashley Butler

1. a woman with a burning desire to make a difference in her lifetime who is frustrated by the problems facing her society and called to use her talents to make change

2. a strong women who speaks her truth to inspire others 

Similar: bossy  powerful  strong  unapologetic  emotional 

[woom-uhn uhv im-pakt]


 woman of impact

Meet Dija Henry,

Dija is an entrepreneur, producer, actress, and activist. She runs an impact production house that focuses on producing content that inspires and elevates culture.

”Working with Teresa created shifts in my thinking that I didn’t even know I needed. I appreciated Teresa’s creativity, empathy and her accountability. She’s the real deal! She challenged me in my thinking in numerous ways and from numerous angles when it came to our sessions. Teresa is a combination of a fairy god mother and a football coach. I think that is a perfect combination when you are looking for someone to help you go to the next level in any area of your life. 

- Dija Henry

CEO of Bluehouse

"Even though it wasn’t the main goal, I was able to make back the investment I made into myself financially and more because of our mindset work."

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Systems, workflows, and automations that gives you your time back


Organization and automation


can you imagine:

Programming that teaches you how to connect with the exact decision makers that you want to influence and get them on board with your vision 

Closing dream business accounts

Work from a long-term vision with KPIs and a go-to-market strategy with a step by step roadmap for you to execute

A strategic plan with metrics and roadmaps

Inside The Monthly Group Accelerator

Weekly Group Coaching

Coaching on mindset, strategy and implementation. Build upon your clarity week over week and define your strategy for impact. Attend every session or come as you need, we will be here ready to help you grow.  

Strategic Plans and Roadmapping

Design a burnout-proof roadmap for your business. Create your one, three, and ten-year strategy. Define your position in the market, create marketing and product schedules, measure your progress week by week.

Twice Monthly 1:1 Calls with Teresa

I take pride in truly understanding your business and you. That is why I have a 1:1 component to the accelerator that allows me to keep you on track and offer you custom strategy.  

Community and Membership Hub 

An exclusive resource that gives you access to mindset practices and houses all strategy sessions so if you miss a call you can catch up on your own time. You also get access to the Monthly Founders Call and any and all workshops throughout the year. 

Meet Ansley CEO of Atlas

Ansley is the founder of the software startup, Atlas. Ansley saw a gap in the grant funding process where non-profits were failing to keep track of reporting and struggling to automate their grant application process and create predictable grant revenue. She had one strategy call with Teresa and then joined our PITCH! membership event.

Here is what she has to say: 

"After one conversation with Teresa, I felt confident that I was steering my company in the right direction. She truly listened to everything I had to say and offered wonderful advice. I’ve met with lots of different business coaches, and she’s the real deal. Talking with her is like talking with an old friend, and she instantly becomes a cheerleader who is truly invested in your success."

"Teresa connected me to another Women of Impact member that has resulted in a 6-figure contract opportunity for Atlas."

- Ansley

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Meet Sheena,

She runs a custom design studio working with businesses, primarily retailers, to transform their in-person guest experience through visual displays, custom lighting, and installations. She'd been wanting to create a digital course for 2 years.

Here is what she has to say: 

"Teresa made my goal her mission and from day 1 we hit the ground running. There were many times I felt I was too busy to complete the course, or that I should just focus on my primary business. Teresa was an invaluable resource during those challenges. She reframed my doubts and fears while holding me accountable to the course timeline we'd created. I accomplished an amazing amount of work in 6 months, and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without Teresa's coaching, expertise, and resources."

- Sheena

CEO of color story

"In 6 months time, I created my digital course, beta-tested it, and launched it to my audience! Simultaneously, my business posted its biggest Q1 and Q2 numbers to date!"

Women of Impact

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"Working with Teresa is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life."

- Lauren Sparkman

Your Head Coach and Founder

Meet Teresa Sabatine

Teresa built the Women of Impact community after years of being under-resourced and lonely as the only woman at the table in her career as producer and media executive.   

After working with nearly 100 women, she recognized a pattern. Most women were working in a silo, trying to do everything on their own, and without access to the business strategies and advisement they really needed to achieve success. 

A lot of them were also burnout and on the verge of scaling back or breaking down from exhaustion. She saw an opportunity to combine her business strategy informed by years of experience, and emotional and psychological training to help women reach max capacity performance.

The Women of Impact community exists to help women capitalize on their access and power and make the most out of it, without burning their own lives and health to the ground. 

We’ve designed solutions for women leading in a man’s world that fill the gap of support that exists in traditional corporate, financial, entrepreneurial, and political structures. 

If you are wondering if being a member of this community is for you, please join us on our Monthly Founder's Call.

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