Investment: $600 

How this sanctuary can support you:

How to know what is next for you
Getting out from under your head chatter
Move into confidence and clarity 
Breakthrough relationship blocks
Move through fear and take action on change
Creating a burnout recovery plan 
Prioritize yourself and implement boundaries 

How to pivot to something more aligned 
How to increase revenue in the next 90 days 
Develop a new product // service
Design a product launch plan
Streamline services and packages for clients
Increase your pricing // streamline and focus 
Team management  and hiring 
How to pitch and close a deal 


Whether you are looking to process something personally to get unstuck or to architect a solution for your life or business this coaching call will help you move through a specific obstacle and have an actionable solution to implement by the end of the call. 

This is a high-value, compact hour filled with insight, advice, and enthusiasm that only Teresa can provide. I was not sure what to expect from a single hour with Teresa, but I walked away feeling inspired and with an actionable plan. We all need someone who is in our corner cheering on our success and Teresa is that person."

"In one call with Teresa we built a plan that helped me exceed our revenue expectations in the first month of business and bring the passion needed to motivate my team to create raving fans."

Exceeded her Revenue Goals


A Jam Packed Hour