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Teresa Sabatine is a high-performance mindset coach who has helped over 100 women recover from burnout, gain clarity, and define impact driven paths that allow them to build thriving careers and businesses.

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Every great idea died on this sentence: I just don’t know where to start. I can name one million times that I have started something for the first time. It began when I took my first step as a child, or when I ate my first real piece of food. Right? All of us are […]

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All of us are starting from somewhere. Your somewhere might be different than mine, but at the end of the day the tools for how we get to where we are going next are very similar. I’m a first generation entrepreneur. I don’t have family that has shown me the way or financial support to […]

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Today I got a call from an old boss and mentor. He was returning my call from last week and we were catching up about him finallllllyyyyy putting one of his most amazing scripts into production. He is going to make his second movie, ten years later. Early this morning I got word that one […]

This past week I’ve been reflecting on a lot of my failures. There was that time I bought the most amazing grey blazer and new sneakers, flew to LA to pitch a show to Netflix. Great meeting in the room, so much chatting and fun, and then a big fat no thank you from the […]

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At a fundraising dinner this week I sat at a table full of powerful women. They’re leading organizations, running departments at big banks, managing large teams and going after their dreams. We were there to raise money for the Finish Line Foundation and listen to two-time Olympian Carli Lloyd talk about, well, being an Olympian. […]

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Weeks after my mom died I found no space adequately safe for my feelings. I mean no space. Not my bedroom, not my living room, not the park, not my car, not in a hug from a friend. I would lay there awake at night with tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn’t even trying […]

This past Sunday I was in a working session with a client designing a pitch and proposal.  We had worked this out in her mind but were finally putting thoughts to paper. I asked her how she was feeling, the pitch was happening in two days and she was going up in front of a […]

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I met a friend yesterday for a short little catch up and chat. We sat on a beautiful porch looking out at the city and shared with each other our plans and holiday stories. I began telling her about this concept I learned recently of being on the “defense”. The concept is that any time […]

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

When I was growing up my parents would tell me that it was really important that I trusted my instincts. “Learn to trust your instincts,” they would say when I came to them to solve a problem. Or even better, “What do you think?” they would ask when I wanted guidance. Contextually I think my […]

In the past two weeks I have had encounters with people who have recently lost someone special to them. At the same time, the sun circled around the earth another time and 11 years have now come and gone since we lost my mom to cancer. There is something very familiar about the new grief […]

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