Women of Impact

A sacred space for women entrepreneurs to build and grow thriving impact businesses

I want to grow my business

You're a woman entrepreneur looking for business growth and you don't want to sacrifice your mental wellness to get it.

I know the type of mental stamina that is required to make your service-based business dream a reality. 

I will arm you with the business tools and the mindset coaching for you to stay focused and make money doing what you love.

 In the last year, I grew my business by 50%, built an incredible website, and started working towards having systems in place for a better client experience. I struggled a lot with imposter syndrome at the beginning of the year & I can honestly say that I have not had any self doubt in the past couple of months.

Zulmarie Gonzalez

The support I received from, not only Teresa, but also the other ladies was transformative.

You started your business because you have a real desire to make a difference in people's lives.

You want to do work you love, but running a business requires you to do a lot of things you don't love.

Your days are longer and lonelier than you anticipated, your to-do-list grows, and on some days, you can't find your motivation. 

You can see where you want to be, but that big vision you have for your business feels just slightly out of reach.

Maybe it's too hard?

Let me guess..

Yes, entrepreneurship can be hard,
but it doesn't have to be.

You deserve a safe space to bring your boldest business ideas and the strategy and mindset support to bring them to life. 

I've got you covered

Consistent business growth month over month

Accountability and strategy support to achieve your goals

A group of women you can collaborate with and share in the highs and lows

Business development support to reach your target market 

Clear and focused short and long-term business plan

What if you could have...


WOmen of Impact

I've taken all of my business and leadership experience, plus my neurological resiliency training and I've designed a group business accelerator packed with strategy, mindset support, and community built for the bold, service-based entrepreneur like you.

In just the last two years I have helped multiple women design and launch new products, secure investment funding, double their business revenue, and create an incredible impact on their clients doing what they love.

And now I am inviting you to join us...

What's Inside the Program

Get ready to bounce your biggest ideas off of me and have the confidence and clarity to make them a reality

The Monthly Group Call

So many people ask me, is group coaching effective? If you asked any one of our clients they would tell you, the group coaching calls are the most effective and direct way to get the most out of this program. 

Each month we leave room for you to get coaching with Teresa on any business topic of your choice + we are teaching you new business strategy and letting you learn by hearing from your fellow entrepreneurs how they are overcoming obstacles and growing.

The Coaching Forum

You've got burning questions, wouldn't it be nice if there was somewhere you could post them and get an experienced strategist to answer? Now you can! 

The Coaching Forum serves as a discussion hub for all of your business and mindset questions. Want some guidance on your pricing? Looking for an extra set of eyes on your pitch deck? The Coaching Forum is the perfect place to get support outside of our coaching calls. 

Dedicated Community

In just one introduction women have created six-figure partnerships from this community. Not to mention the coffee meetups, collaborations, and investments made out of networking with these incredible women.

My secret weapon is making powerful connections for our members, and I don't just keep you in mind on our calls. Your membership here gets you direct access to my international network and the expertise and resources they provide. 

Start growing your business today.

The Women of Impact accelerator arms you with all the strategy and support you need to create a sustainable, profitable, and impactful business. 

Our community coaching call will energize you, motivate you, and get you focused. The mindset coaching alone will increase your flow, open up possibility, and allow you more space for the work you love. You get to choose whether you want to meet monthly or join the weekly membership. Either way, your dreams await.

How to build a quarterly plan and follow through so you can increase revenue month over month

Here are the kinds of topics we cover

Preparing to pitch: A deep dive on your market positioning and how to speak to your buyer to close deals

Creating proper client boundaries and systems so you can scale 

Time management for the ups and downs of business ownership and how to carve out time for creativity and a personal life

Design and build new offers and how to manage projects and your expectations

Hiring: When to do it yourself, when to outsource, and when and how to hire

Company and founder identity: how to build something you love with your unique talents

How to overcome obstacles quickly and pivot in ambiguity

Confidence Boosting: how to harness your authentic voice so you can speak to your mission and build cohesion and partnerships

"After a single hour with Teresa, I walked away feeling inspired and with an actionable plan. That plan helped me reach my company's client goals and exceed our revenue expectations in the first month of business"

- Ashley Butler

We gather the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12pm-1:30pm EST 

Monthly Community Coaching Call

Level 1

$249 a mo




A  monthly call with hot seat coaching on career and business strategy, personal growth + burnout prevention.

Membership options

Monthly Community Coaching Call

Level 2

Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching with Teresa

$1,250 a mo

Monthly group coaching calls


+ one-on-one coaching

We gather the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 12pm-1:30pm EST 


Level 1

$249 a mo

+ one-on-one coaching

Monthly community call

Level 2

$1,250 a mo

bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls with Teresa







How to become a member

Fill out a brief application

Apply & Book your call

Have your free intake call with Teresa

Choose your membership plan

Join your first Call! 

one-on-one coaching 

Level 3

Book a call with Teresa to talk about options to work one-on-one and build a custom coaching solution for your needs.

Since becoming a member I have executed on 40 percent of my business plan, including: created website/ online business presence, funding (multiple options), and confirmed 3 public speaking events. 


You see me, you know when to push and pull and insisted I see my value as you do.

This means I have a very familiar dance with burnout (hello 20-hour workdays), and I also know what is (and isn't) required to achieve excellent results creatively and strategically. To put it bluntly, I can give you time back because I know what to focus on to achieve results and I know how to get you out of your own way.

One thing that is true now, and was true back when I was pitching in board rooms and negotiating multi-million dollar deals...

I used to be an executive in Hollywood running around on movie sets like Transformers. On more than one occasion, I managed a team of 150 and executed on 450 emails a day


I'm Teresa Sabatine

Success is a mental game

This is one of the only business accelerators that has an equal focus on mental wellness and strategy.

Helping you to focus on a simple strategy with wellness as your top priority, will skyrocket your results. I look forward to meeting you and learning about the dreams you have for yourself and your business.

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