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The One Tool You Need to End Burnout and Take Leaps in Your Business

I am going to give it to you straight.

When I first sat down to complete the tool I am about to share with you I was sweating. I looked at all of the details it required, all the pre-planning and I thought, “How the heck am I going to figure out what to do for 12 weeks right now?”

But as soon as I got super clear on my 3 BIG GOALS for the 12 weeks there was more than enough stuff to add to each week.

I had been a boss woman in my movie career. I knew how to handle executing on 450 emails a day, managing the whereabouts for 150 people, coordinating logistics for 45 projects at once. (I know it sounds crazy, that’s why I know so much about burnout).

But when it came to figuring out how to really focus my time to get consistent results in my business, I was kind of all over the place.

This tool changed my life. I sold out a group program using this tool, grew my business by 25%, and stopped trying to do all the things all of the time and not seeing results.

My clients have been doing the same. Most of them that started planning for the next year in December already have week one and week two of January’s work completed.

Can you imagine sitting down to your desk every Monday and having no stress about what to work on?

Yeah. I know.

Today I am giving you this training and the tool so you can set yourself up the same way.

Here is the link to download and save your own copy of the tool. My 12 Week Sprint Goal Setting. Please tap “file” and “make a copy” so you don’t edit the original 🙂

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